How To Know You’re Getting the “Best Insurance” in New Hartford, NY

September 23, 2015

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When people really care about something they want the best for it. The best for their kids, for their home, for their car. When they don’t care that much they often settle and “go cheap.”

We have found over the years that when it comes to their families and businesses, our clients want the best insurance. The stakes are high when protecting the major investments they make to create the great life we have here in Central New York.

So how do you know you’re getting the best insurance? Aren’t the insurance contracts pretty much alike from one carrier to another? Here is how you tell…

9 Ways to Know You’re Getting the Best Insurance in the Utica, NY Area

1. Your agent asks you lots of questions.
Whether it’s car, home, or business, the best insurance demands a full assessment of you and your situation. Insurance and risk management is basically an accounting of what you own and what you earn. After the tally, you know what to protect and can decide with your agent how to protect it.

2. You think about replacement value when it comes to insuring your property.
Actual Cash Value property insurance policies are useful in certain situations, but they are not the best insurance available. If you suffer a loss to your home or business, you usually need the full value of the damaged property replaced. That’s why replacement cost is an essential part of getting the best insurance.

3. You consider future earnings when protecting yourself from liability lawsuits.
A lawsuit could happen to you at any time. It’s usually unexpected and happens quickly. You could be sued if someone trips and falls at your premises or one of your products hurts a customer. When you buy the best insurance, you’re making sure that tomorrow’s higher income is considered when you buy liability limits today.

4. Special items such as jewelry, antiques, and silver get insured separately.
Because of their value and attraction to burglars, there are some items of property limited in coverage on most basic policies. If you’re looking for the best insurance, you’ll have coverage on these items.

5. Your agent understands your geographic location.
For us here in the Utica area, winter damage to property is common and needs to be dealt with in your personal and business property insurance. In recent years, flooding has also been a problem here. To get the best insurance, these regional issues need to be considered.

6.Your insurance company is A rated or above.
If you were to add up all the limits of insurance in just a simple homeowners policy, you might be surprised at how large the total is. If you want the best insurance, get it from a company rated A or better. There’s a lot at stake and you want to be sure your insurance company is able to pay.

7. Does your insurance agency have a history of top notch claim service.
Do you call an 800 number with no local support? If so, you might be settling for less. Property and liability losses can be traumatic experiences. The best insurance supports you during every phase of the claims proves.

8. All insurance coverages available are discussed.
You should know every coverage that’s available to you. Many cut rate insurers skip over this important piece to getting the best insurance. You may pick and choose but the offers of coverage should always be made by your agent.

9. The best insurance is usually purchased from people you know.
Insurance agents who you know are more likely to be concerned about coverage for a future claim than those you don’t. After all, they’re the ones you might pass by in the grocery store some day and they want you to be happy to see them!

Most of our clients in New Hartford and the Utica Rome area are looking for the best insurance they can get at prices they can afford. Their lifestyle here in Central New York takes an investment in time and money, and they want it protected. Use this post as your guide to finding the best insurance for your family and business today.

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