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September 16, 2015

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At Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, we’re always on the lookout for ideas than can make your life a little easier. We found a terrific resource the other day for help taking control of your finances and making good decisions about your money. It’s called the Financial Self-Defense Kit and it’s available here.

You’ll find information on being a smart consumer, managing debt, and estimating your retirement benefits. There’s advice on recognizing and preventing fraud and even an explanation of virtual currencies.

Here are the sections of the kit and a little about each…

You Can Be a Smart Consumer
Learn about savings and checking, mobile banking, prepaid cards, and how to deal with unsolicited checks and credit offers. There’s advice on buying a car with info on “Lemon” Laws and secret warranties.

Did you know about the 3- Days Cooling-Off Rule? That’s right, federal law protects you from door-to-door sales pitches or sales from temporary business locations. The seller must inform you of the right to cancel the sale and receive a full refund within three business days. Who knew?!

Manage Debt and Improve Credit
We’re sure you’ve seen the many ads on TV about reverse mortgages. So, what are they? And are they a good idea? Are they right for you? Refer to the handy, easy to read guide in this section.

Also, what if a debt collector is calling you? Refer to Know Your Rights When a Debt Collector Calls. There’s also info to help you understand your credit score and a free way to get your score today.

Recognize and Avoid Scams
There’s a fantastic section about health scams, including those claims made on late night TV about miracle cures and easy weight loss programs. This section takes just a minute to see, it’s fun, and it will make you think twice about falling for the next phony claim by fast talking snake oil salesmen.

Seniors are easy targets of scam artists who are “nice” and are able to establish a false bond, usually over the phone. A Guide for Seniors: Protect Yourself Against Investment Fraud is an easy to read, comprehensive report for seniors and their families. It’s full of advice on how to deal with fraudsters who call and what questions to ask any investment advisor about your finances.

Plan for Your Future
According to this section’s Money Smarts for Older Adults, Americans over 62 years old are prime targets for financial exploitation both by persons they know and trust and by strangers. In this last section of the Financial Self-Defense Kit you’ll find lots of information on avoiding scams, planning for unexpected life events, and a short test on how much you actually know about your finances.

There is also help here for family members with Power of Attorney and an important section on Long-Term Care Insurance. These are not only issues for the future of working Central New Yorkers but also for their retired parents and other family members.

We think you’ll enjoy this Financial Self-Defense Kit published by the U.S. Government. And the website, www.usagov.com, is also a terrific source of information on everything from FAQ’s on America to an A-Z Index of U.S. Government Agencies and from jobs to health.

As always, call us here at Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig anytime for information about your personal, business, or life insurance program. Like USAGOV.com, we’re here to help.

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