4 Easy Ways to Get a Break With Your Mature Driver Discounts

September 9, 2015

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Have you reached that time in life when the kids are gone, retirement is on the horizon, and your busy family life finally calms down? It’s a great time to be alive here in the Utica Rome area and that includes lower rates on your car insurance.

Mature drivers 50 years old and up should take advantage of their changed circumstances when it comes to their car insurance. There are discounts and rating factors that can now work in your favor. Remember, insurance companies set their rates based on their experience, and your knowledge of the road and safe driving habits should be rewarded.

Simple Ways for Seniors to Lower Their Auto Insurance Premiums

1. Make Sure Your Kids are Off the Policy.
Remember when you added your son or daughter after they got their license? The premiums shot up because they were inexperienced operators. Now that they are out of the house, call your agent and make sure they have been removed from the policy as licensed drivers in the household.

2. Take a Defensive Driving Course.
Now that you have some extra time, use it wisely by taking a Defensive Driver Course and getting a 10% discount on your car insurance. And, the course is now available online so you can take it in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Check out where you can get the online course here.

3. Are You No Longer Driving to Work?
If you’re retired or maybe consulting or working from home, your auto insurance rates could go down. If you were driving over 3 miles to work before, you were charged extra. If your cars are used only for pleasure, you will get a break in the rates. If this is the case, call your agent and have her rerate your policy for pleasure use.

4. Ask Your Agent About These Mature Driver Discounts
You may be eligible for an age discount. Many start at age 50, so give us a call. Also, ask us about an auto/homeowners package policy. Many of our companies offer discounts for underwriting both of your policies.

If you have a “summer car” on your policy such as an older convertible or car in good condition that you take off the road in winter, keep the Comprehensive Coverage on it to maintain your multi-car discount. This can save you a substantial amount on the car that remains on the policy all year.

Avoid service charges by paying your premiums in full. Plus, you won’t have to worry about receiving another bill in the mail till renewal time.

Finally, most mature drivers avoid the kind of tickets typical of younger, busy adults with family and businesses to tend to. Drive carefully, don’t speed, and enjoy the ride. A good driving record is your ticket to discounted car insurance.

And if for some reason the rates increase in your company, we’re independent agents so we can shop your insurance around. We represent over 20 A rated car insurance companies and a good driving record helps us get you the best mature driver discount available.

So enjoy your senior lifestyle and save money, too!

Until next time,
Your SZW Team

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