Keep Your Composure with Special Event Insurance

May 26, 2015

special events insurance

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Is this the year that you are planning that big, once in a lifetime special event?

Maybe you’re a proud parent planning a baptism with family from both sides and all of your friends invited. Or a huge pig roast for the whole neighborhood plus everyone from all points east/west/north/south. You might even be planning a fund raising event for a friend or family member who is ill and accumulating huge medical bills.

The thing is, what if someone gets hurt at your event? And what if your venue asks you to provide insurance before you can use it? The problem is, the event is short term and not recurring. Is there an insurance policy specially built for special events?

The answer is yes and we represent them, the Philadelphia Insurance Companies. This is one of the big advantages to doing business with an independent agent. We have so many insurance companies to choose from that we can help you in almost any situation.

Bad Stuff Can Happen at Your Special Event

So, what can happen at your special event? Here are just a few of the claims that Philadelphia Insurance has handled.

$25,000 for an alleged Liquor Liability claim after an intoxicated person left the insured’s fundraising event and injured a third party in an auto accident.

$115,000 paid to a claimant at an insured’s concert who was injured and taken to the hospital after a speaker fell off the stage, striking the claimant.

$2,500 for a spectator at a golf tournament who was struck in the head by a golf ball and sustained a concussion.

$2,500 to a claimant at a fundraising event who tripped over an electrical cord and hurt a knee.

$10,000 to a claimant who was found to be intoxicated and stated that a chair was taken away by one of the insured’s employees as he was sitting down, causing him to fall to the ground and injure his back. He was taken to the emergency room and released.

What a Special Events Insurance Policy Can Do For You

General Liability
Comprehensive General Liability with limits to $1,000,000/3,000,000
Premises Liability
Personal Injury Liability (Libel and Slander)
Abuse and Molestation
Liquor Liability

Umbrella/Excess Liability
Large Excess Limits are available


As you can see, a lot can go wrong at your event, even though you approach it with only the best of intentions. Call us well before the big day and let us see if we can get you this important insurance protection.

Please don’t wait for the last minute, as we must complete an application and get approval from the insurance company. We’ll ask you for a description of the event, whether it’s for profit or non-profit, and expected gross revenue. Is alcohol being served and how many attendees do you expect.

As always, we at Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig are here to help and we look forward to speaking with you about your Big Event.

Your SZW Team

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