Simplifying Insurance and Golf

May 19, 2015

simplifying insurance

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We use our blog to simplify things for you. Make it easier to understand how you can protect yourself from injuries or property damage losses with insurance. Even more importantly, safety tips to prevent disasters in the first place.

With the golf season finally upon us, it occurred to us that the pros also keep it simple when it comes to their swings. It doesn’t look like they’re thinking about much as they smooth the club back and then fire through.

But to develop a good swing that looks simple on the course, you need to know a few things as you practice. It’s like insurance. Your business or personal life runs smoothly even after a loss…if you’ve thought about the contingencies beforehand.

As Central New Yorkers tap into our expertise on insurance, transferring that advice into smart risk management, golfers look to the pros to get the right swing thoughts for their practice routine.

But how do you transfer your swing thoughts into a powerful, precise golf swing? What should you be thinking as you swing?

Well, we have the answer for you. It’s not about risk management but it’s the best advice we’ve seen on simple thoughts for a great golf swing.

Click here (you might want to have a notepad handy).

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