Increased Wind Damage in the Mid-Atlantic Region Predicted

March 7, 2023

wind damage insuranceA distressing article in the Utica OD caught our attention last week. It was about a report by the First Street Foundation predicting storm tracks across the country. The First Street Foundation is a non-profit in Brooklyn, New York whose mission is to make climate risk accessible, easy to understand, and actionable for individuals, governments, and industry.

Their latest assessment, the First Street Foundation Wind Model, finds that hurricanes are tracking further northward. Increased wind speeds will put billions of dollars at risk annually in the South.

But ominously, “The largest increase in maximum wind speeds will impact states in the Mid-Atlantic.” And this region includes New York State. Other states are Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

We don’t know how much all of this will affect the Utica area. Or if it does, when. But we do know that we have experienced high winds and violent thunderstorms. So in light of the damage wind can cause. And how dangerous it can be, we offer these:

Safety Tips When it’s Windy Outside

We found these tips on, a terrific website for all things weather.

  • When driving, hold the steering wheel with both hands and slow down. And maintain a safe distance from large vehicles that can tip during a windstorm.
  • Beware of straight line winds. These are thunderstorm winds with no rotation and can exceed 100 MPH. They can knock over semi-trucks, trees, and power lines. Best bet, stay indoors away from windows.
  • Strong winds can be dangerous, even on clear days. Trim trees near your home and have a plan in case of power outage.
  • Because you should expect tree damage during high winds, stay safe inside by avoiding exterior rooms or vehicles.
  • Before a windstorm, prepare your home by trimming trees and repairing loose siding and shutters.
  • Before a strong wind, store or secure patio furniture, sports equipment, and trash cans.
  • Keep in mind that RVs and trailer campers are not safe from wind. Gusts can easily turn them over whether they’re in motion or parked.

Insurance Coverage for Wind Damage

So what about insurance? Is wind damage covered on your homeowners insurance policy?

The answer is yes, wind is a basic coverage on home insurance policies in New York State. The big question is, do you have adequate insurance limits on your home and contents in case of major storm damage?

If you’re not sure, give us a call. We’ll go over a replacement cost estimator. This is based on construction costs here in the Utica area. Full coverage is important because even partial wind damage losses to your home can be financially devastating.

We’ll also look at your deductibles, discounts and credits. In this way we’ll be sure you’re getting the most coverage at the best price.

Climate change affects us all, including here in the Mohawk Valley. That includes the fact of more, stronger windstorms. Your best defense is doing what you can to stay safe. And making sure your insurance coverage is adequate to meet these new realities.

Until next time,

Your SZW Team

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