How to Work Better at Home

April 28, 2020

work at homeWe thought this a good time to get advice on the new normal, working from home. Not only could most of our clients use it, but we could too! So we checked with Upwork, a community that serves freelancers who, for the most part, work from home.

One of the issues people face working at home is dealing with their newfound freedom. They carry more responsibility for self-management. Temptations abound: heading to the fridge, catching some TV, walking the dog. Not only that, but the kids are running around inside with schools closed.

Time management and task prioritization rise to great importance for home workers. So here are a few tips to work productively and keep your sanity.

Create a Workspace
Set up a dedicated space for work. It seems that it’s easier to get your game face on with familiar work surroundings. If you’re lucky you’ll have a rarely used spare room. If not, at least the same spot in a bedroom, dining room, or finished basement or attic.

Create a Schedule
We talked to a freelancer who helps us with our marketing about how he schedules his day at his home office. He told us he treats it as if he commutes to work each day. He’s at his desk at 8 AM. Takes breaks at 10:00 and 11:00 AM. Lunch at noon, back at 1:00 PM. Afternoon break at 3:00 and work till 6:00.

It’s so ingrained that if he’s late for work, he gets nervous. And the commute is just up the stairs into his attic office!

This kind of routine creates structure to help him get work done productively and on time.

Stay Professional
When video conferencing, dress appropriately. Minimize background noise and keep a clean appearance in the space behind you. If you’re leading a Zoom session, guide the meeting more carefully than you would face-to-face. This avoids participants talking over each other and moves the meeting along smoothly.

Take Advantage of Extra Time
Since there’s no commute, you’ll have extra time built in. You can use those found minutes to exercise, catch up on a bit more sleep, or cook a healthy meal from scratch. Why not!

We hope this helps you get settled into your new work-at-home routine. Everyone looks forward to seeing their fellow employees again. And familiar workplaces. But until then, we might as well make the most of a difficult situation.

Good luck and keep the faith!

Until next time,
Your SZW Team

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