How to Avoid Package Theft This Christmas

December 11, 2018

shipping packageA friend of ours has four grown children living in different parts of the country. Happily, they’re all coming home for Christmas!!

But since three of them are flying in from Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; and Atlanta, they don’t want to be hauling Christmas presents on the planes. So they’re buying online and packages are arriving at his doorstep in Utica all day long.

Fortunately, he works at home. That means he’s downstairs looking outside at the front porch making sure to bring in the packages from Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Talbots. But what if you’re at work all day? How do you protect your packages from getting stolen off the porch?

It’s happening so often these days that there’s a name for it, “package theft.” Matter of fact, over 25.9 million packages were stolen off porches in 2017!

What You Can Do to Avoid Front Porch Package Theft in the Utica Area

Use Work Address
This might be a good way for employers to offer their staff a Christmas bonus. It not only helps their employees, but also doesn’t cost the company. Allow employees to have their online purchases delivered to the company address. This way, packages won’t get stolen and the boss provides an appreciated service at Christmas time.

Delivery Tracking
Tracking is free with UPS and FedEx. You’ll be alerted as to the package’s arrival so you can have someone home when it gets delivered.

Sign for the Package
At your online checkout, require package signature at delivery. If you’re not there to sign for the package, it can’t be left on your porch. You will be left a note on when another delivery will be made.

Amazon Locker
You can have your packages delivered to an Amazon Locker for pick up instead of your front porch. There is one in Utica at Speedway gas station 2639 Genesee St., Utica. We don’t think there are any other in our area. Check out your Amazon account to see how it works.

Get a PO Box
This may be a bit inconvenient and you’ll have to pay for it, but your packages will remain secure at the post office.

Deliver to Someone Else
If a neighbor or family member is home all day, have your packages delivered to them. Think of retired people. Or those who work at home (there’s more of them than you might think!).

Homeowners and Renters Insurance Coverage for Package Theft

If your package is stolen, are you covered on your home insurance or renter’s insurance policy? The answer is, yes, but subject to your deductible. And you must report the loss to the police. So if the items in your package are worth less than your deductible, there would be no claim.

We think that in our area the most convenient way to monitor Christmas packages is neighborhood watch. Let your neighbor know that packages are coming and everyone can keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

One nice thing about living in the Mohawk Valley is that people are always watching out for each other. Makes it tough for criminals to steal our presents this Christmas.

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