Better Boat Insurance for Summertime Peace of Mind

March 22, 2016

utica boat insuranceWe’re gearing up for summer here at SZW and one of the first things we think about are the beautiful waterways of Central New York and the Adirondacks. What can be better than fun on the lake on your power boat. So we thought we’d get a jump on the season with some helpful info for you on our boat insurance policies.

First off, you might wonder what’s covered on your homeowners insurance policy. The fact is, not much. Coverage on your boat in most homeowners policies amounts to no more than $1,000, including trailers, equipment, and outboard engines. If you’re sued for operating a boat you won’t be covered if your inboard motor is more than 50 horsepower or outboard motor more than 25 horsepower if owned by you.

But there’s more to watercraft, and boat insurance policies, than small boats and motors. The best way to enjoy a summer of boating fun with peace of mind is a boat insurance policy.

We represent more than one company so we can help you pretty much no matter what kind of boat and equipment you have: inboard, outboard, or jet powered. That includes ski boats, pontoon boats (popular up north in the Adirondacks), flat boats, and sail boats. And, we can’t forget personal watercraft including Jetski, SeaDoo, and Aquatrax.

What You Can Get With SZW Boat Insurance

Fuel Spill Liability Coverage

If you’re in an accident and cause bodily injury or property damage with an unintentional oil or fuel spill, you’ve got coverage.

Water Sports Coverage

It isn’t just skiers being towed behind boats these days. Tubing, knee boarding, and wake boarding almost seem more popular than actual skiers. But you don’t have to worry, these activities are covered if someone gets hurt and you’re sued.

Fishing Equipment Coverage

Your prized rod, reel, and lures mean a lot to you. We can offer you primary coverage (you don’t have to file a claim with your homeowners insurance carrier) as long your equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen. Theft must occur from the boat or at another location where it’s stolen from a locked compartment, vehicle, or residence. Call us for more info on valuable fishing equipment coverage.

Extra Equipment and Personal Items

Boats are like cars these days, full of extra equipment and personal effects. We can cover these while in or on your watercraft. This includes items such as binoculars, cameras, cell phones, CD players, clothing, sunglasses and more.

Some companies offer you protection up to 75 miles from the U.S. Coastline for our clients who may use the Erie Canal to get to the coast. We can also talk about physical damage on the boat itself, including an agreed value figure for older boats in good condition.

We can even provide you emergency assistance in case your boat is disabled on the water. It includes the tow, labor and delivery of gas, oil, or a loaned battery. We also offer discounts and credits depending on your boat, loss history, and other policies with our companies.

Now is the time to give us call about insuring your boat for this summer. We can’t wait for the warmer weather and we look forward to helping you enjoy it more with a boat insurance policy that gives you summertime peace of mind.

Until next time,
Your SZW Team

PS Refer to actual boat insurance policies for complete details on all specialized coverages.

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