Your Central NY Holiday Travel Checklist

November 24, 2015

holiday travel checklistSit back and relax this Thanksgiving, you’ve completed your holiday travel checklist and all is well with the world. Well, okay, if you’re helping with the preparing, cooking, and cleaning up, it’s not all relaxation. But it sure is fun being with family and friends at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

But this year is different because…

You Got This Checklist Done Before You Hit the Road

1. Let your neighbors know you’re away. One of the great things about living here in the Utica/Rome area is right next door. Neighbors helping neighbors, keeping an eye out for one another. Just let your neighbors know you’re leaving. Give them the key and have them check the house while you’re gone.

They’ll see that nothing’s leaking and the heat is still on. It will only take them a few minutes. They’re probably the best security you can have protecting you from burglars or unexpected breakdowns of the heating and plumbing systems.

2. Keep up the heat. Speaking of checking the heating system, frozen pipes can burst and create extensive water damage in your home. Get that thermostat up in the 60-62 degree range while you’re gone.

3. Turn off the garage opener. Did you know that thieves can open your garage door with a universal remote? So go ahead and turn off the door opener and access the garage through the house when you get home.

4. Keep your home well lit. If you have a light timer, set it to get the lights on at different times so it looks like you’re home. Or if you’ve got the neighbors checking, they can change the lighting periodically.

5. Make arrangements for plowing and shoveling. A dead giveaway that you’re not home is an unplowed driveway and snow filled walkways. Hire a plowing service for the driveway and maybe a kid down the block to keep your sidewalks shoveled.

6. Get the mail and newspaper picked up or stopped. You don’t want mail and papers piled up on your front porch. You can stop your mail and call the Observer Dispatch to have them hold delivery. Or even easier, get your neighbor to collect the mail and paper for you. That way the mail doesn’t get lost at the Post Office and you can enjoy catching up on the news you’ve missed while away.

7. Stock your vehicle with items to handle common winter conditions. Thanksgiving is a good time to get back into the winter vibe here in Central New York. Before you leave for Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Marilyn’s Thanksgiving dinner, get those ice scrapers and blankets back into the car. Include jumper cables, a flashlight, and emergency flares and markers.

8. Refill that window washer. A sure sign of the winter holiday season is that annoying time you need the window washer but forgot to fill it up. We like the window washer with deicing fluid best. Actually, this is a good time to get your mechanic to go over all your car’s fluids, the battery, and the anti-freeze. Check the tires for wear and air pressure and make sure you’ve got a spare.

Okay, that’s it for your Thanksgiving travel checklist. Most important for us here at Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig is that you have a wonderful time with family and friends. Be safe and have fun. And be thankful for all we have living in the best place in America… Utica, New Hartford, and all of Central New York.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time,
SZW Team

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