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What Would a Cyber Attack Mean to You?

September 13, 2011

Cyber Attacks….
No, they aren’t science fiction – they’re real and they are happening to many businesses who never thought they would be a target of such attacks.  According to some reports, 85% of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses.  You don’t hear about these since they aren’t worthy of the national media attention that is garnered by such big players as Sony, TJ Maxx, and Citibank.   Many of the large corporations have implemented costly security measures for their systems which have made them less desirable targets and forced the cyber thieves to look elsewhere for their victims.  
Numbers and electronic data have become so essential to us as a society- numbers such as your social security number, credit card number, and other personal data have become the way that people conduct business.  And as you conduct that business, those numbers are collected and shared and distributed among countless electronic systems at an ever increasing pace.    
As a business, when you collect data from your customers, or do business over the internet, or simply use a computer, you put yourself at risk.  You can get an idea about how much your business may suffer after a cyber attack by accessing the website: www.tech-404.com, under the tab “data loss cost calculator”. 
The insurance industry has responded to this heightening crisis by developing insurance products to help insulate you from the financial hardships that a cyber attack can bring.   Cyber coverage can cover your direct financial loss and protect you from third party lawsuits.   The policies are varied and you can purchase a la carte or buy as a bundle.   The coverage is designed to respond to all different situations from losing a laptop while traveling – to a hacker stealing your electronic files – to a denial of service attack on your computer system. 
We can help!  We  have a quick one page information sheet and application that can give you a ballpark cost for insurance coverage. 
The electronic age is a wonderful thing but brings with it some new challenges that are being revealed and conquered as we go….
Debbie Landman
Commercial Account Manager