Stay Cool in Your New Pool!

June 15, 2012

But, before you go diving in to the prospect of a new pool be sure to do your home work and cover some basics of pool ownership:

1st, you should check with your town or city officials to determine what codes apply, or safety standards you will have to have in place, like a fence and/or lock.   Even if Codes doesn’t require a fence and/or lock, common sense should.

The next thing, should you decide to get that pool:  Every one, I mean EVERY ONE, needs to learn pool safety, know how to swim, and follow the rules of the pool.  You will need to keep life-saving floatation equipment available and keep emergency phone numbers handy. 

Another thought?  Insurance.  Will your homeowners’ insurance respond if you have a claim?  Will there be coverage if the pool is damaged?  Do you have enough liability coverage in the event of an accident?  Does your company allow a diving board?  Call your agent; they should have the answers.

Your SZW team