Should I Run With Traffic or Against It…and Other Running Safety Tips

August 18, 2015

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Stephen King was almost killed by a car that struck him while he was walking alongside the road in Maine. It happened quite a few years ago and, thankfully for him, his family, and his fans, he survived.

Whether you are walking along the road or, as so many here in the Utica area enjoy, running for pleasure and your health, safety is always a concern. Stephen King underwent 5 operations in 10 days and it took him years to recover from his accident.

Here are some tips for runners and walkers of all ages on keeping it safe when you run. Our source is the Road Runners Club of America along with our own observations and advice.

Don’t Wear Headphones
Hearing the traffic around you can be just as important as actually seeing it. You can’t see behind you, but you can hear sounds. Listening to music blocks out all of that valuable auditory info.

Run Against Traffic
It’s the only way to see what’s coming. We were always surprised to hear every once in a while advice to do the opposite. It doesn’t make sense, run so you see the cars and can react quickly if you need to.

Carry ID With You
It’s normal to run in athletic gear, not your normal everyday clothes. So you may not have your wallet with you when you run. If you’re hit and are unconscious, people won’t know who you are to call your family. So put some ID or a piece of paper in your shoe with your name, phone, and blood type and other important medical info.

Carry a Cell Phone With You
If you get into trouble, it will be easy to call for help.

Let People Know Your Running Route
If you don’t make it home, family and friends will have an idea where you are.

Avoid Unpopulated Areas, Deserted Streets, and Overgrown Trails
You don’t want to be alone, a prime target with no one else around. This isn’t a big problem around New Hartford and Central New York because most people know each other. This is one of the many reasons living in our area is so much fun.

We know of some serious accidents that have happened over the years where joggers have been injured or even killed by cars. And this reminds us that it isn’t only runners who should be mindful of the dangers of the road. As you drive the highways and byways of the Mohawk Valley, it’s your job to watch out for runners alongside the road.

Remember that runners are in different states of fatigue and may not always be perfectly alert to your car. Give them room by slowing down and being prepared to stop or swerve suddenly.

Exercise has so many life-saving benefits, don’t ruin it by being careless as a runner/walker or reckless as a driver.

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