Let’s Have a Fun AND Safe Halloween

October 28, 2012

Motorists beware!   In the next few days you will be dodging ghosts and goblins every where.

Of course most of us are concerned with how much candy our kids will try to consume in one night; but what about the safety of our kids?   I want to make a few points that apply to everyone, even if you don’t have kids still out looking for treats:

First of all, parents, join your kids on their rounds.  Even if you are just following them from the street, you should keep an eye on them.  Make sure their costumes are easy to move around in and nothing is hanging that can trip them up.  Don’t let them trick-or-treat alone, and visit only well lit homes.  Make it fun for you, too; invite another parent to walk with you.

A flashlight or light stick is aways a good idea, but if you can’t get your child to carry either you can always put some reflective tape on their costume or bag to help.

Drivers….. please be careful!  Whether you are driving your child(ren) around or not, you will undoubtedly come across many kids dashing in between cars to get to their next treat.

Finally, trick-or-treaters……be courteous and say Thank You to each homeowner for your treat.  Don’t destroy their property if they are not home, or don’t provide the candy you like.  This is supposed to be a night of fun, let’s keep it that way.