Fire Blankets & Fire Extinguishers for Good Home Protection

January 2, 2024

Fire blanket fire extinguisher home fire preventionA friend of ours received an unusual gift this Christmas. He has a local volunteer fireman and firewoman in his family and they decided to give everyone a new fire blanket. He had never heard of a fire blanket, but it makes perfect sense.

It’s in an easy to see red bag that you hang on the wall. In case of fire, you pull down the straps at the bottom to release the blanket. Then drape the blanket over the flames to seal off the air, smothering the fire.

You can also use it if a person’s clothing is on fire. You get the victim on the ground and wrap them in the blanket. Then call for medical aid.

Fire blankets are woven from fire-resistant materials, typically fiberglass or Kevlar, designed to smother small fires by cutting off their oxygen supply. These blankets are particularly useful in kitchen settings, where grease fires are a common risk.

In fact, according to the National Fire Prevention Society (NFPA), cooking is the leading cause of reported home fires, home fire injuries, and home fire deaths. So it makes sense to hang the fire blanket in or near the kitchen.

Fire blankets are quick and easy to use fire suppression equipment. They require no specialized training, you simply unfurl the blanket and place it over the fire source to smother the flames.

They’re safe and effective for various fire types such as Class A, B, and C fires, making them a valuable addition to home fire safety measures. And as we said, they make for essential kitchen safety.

The majority of home fires originate in the kitchen, often involving cooking oils and fats. Fire blankets provide a targeted and efficient solution to these often dangerous fires.

They can also serve as a protective shield if you must evacuate your home during a fire, providing a barrier against heat and smoke.

Home Fire Extinguishers

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention another effective tool in fire prevention, a home fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers come in various types, each designed to combat specific classes of fires.

Class A extinguishers tackle fires fueled by ordinary combustibles like wood and paper, while Class B extinguishers are effective against flammable liquids. Class C extinguishers are designed for electrical fires, and Class D for combustible metals. A versatile Class ABC extinguisher covers a range of fire types, making it a popular choice for homes.

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets not only empower individuals to take immediate action but also contribute to a safer and more secure living environment.

And one more thing, even when responsible homeowners take appropriate preventive action, devastating fires do happen. That’s why it’s so important to be sure your homeowners insurance coverage is adequate and up-to-date.

If you call us for a quote, we’ll discuss your unique home and help you calculate its replacement cost for insurance purposes. We’ll also ask you about the preventative measures you have taken that could mean credits and discounts that lower your premiums. In this way, we can be sure you have the right insurance at the best price. So call us today for a quote.

We hope you’ll get a fire blanket and fire extinguisher for your home for peace of mind and an easy way to prevent a small fire from getting disastrously out of control.

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