• The Boilermaker 2013

      Even if you’re not running the Boilermaker this year, you MUST join the fun.  What great community spirit we see while running the course, short or long.   Our own Matt Briggs will be on the 15k course again this year.  Let’s get out and cheer him on!             See you there!

    July 12, 2013

  • Will the Rain EVER Stop?

    I know I posted some of this just over a year ago, but right this moment it seems quite appropriate to put it out there again.   Rain, rain, go away……..  (I can’t train for the Boilermaker!)   Everyone has noticed how much rain we’re getting this year, right?  Don’t you wonder where all the water is going?   […]

    June 26, 2013

  • Can YOU Hear the Music? – June 15, 2013

    This year, our very own Donna Moulton recently graduated from the 2013 LeadershipMohawkValley program.  “Can You Hear the Music” is an event born out of LMV’s 2013 class to help raise money to support the Foothills Food Pantry; and for those animal lovers, Foothills Food Pantry also houses a pet pantry and thrift shop.  There […]

    June 14, 2013

  • Eyes to the Sky and Be Prepared

    Hurricane season is officially upon us,  and while you may think you don’t need to be concerned, think back to Superstorm Sandy last year.  While hurricanes are unlikely in our area, the residual effects seem to reach this far.   Flooding has occurred in our area; high winds, hail and thunder storms that take down trees and […]

    June 6, 2013

  • What Do You Know About Umbrella Coverage?

    Umbrella coverage can sometimes be misunderstood.  Check out the Trusted Choice® article, Umbrellas Are for More Than Water. An umbrella policy is simply liability coverage over and above the coverage of a regular policy.  The term “umbrella” is used because it covers liability claims from all policies underneath it, such as auto insurance and homeowner’s […]

    April 25, 2013

  • April – Distracted Driving Awareness Month

    You know, everyone blames cell phones for being the biggest cause of distracted driving, and rightly so.  But think about it….EVERYONE drives distracted, and not always because they’re talking on the phone.  With today’s economy, so many people are worrying about how they will pay their bills; where will their next meal come from?  That […]

    April 10, 2013

  • Thanks for the Opportunity! From: Alex

    We had the opportunity to provide New Visions Program from Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES with a student intern placement. We were lucky enough to have Alex Liddy join us, and wish him well with his future endeavors. From: Alex “I have truly enjoyed interning at Scalzo, Zogby, and Wittig Insurance. I looked forward to coming in everyday and being […]

    March 28, 2013

  • Perfect Timing! Let’s Talk About Snow Removal.

    Travelers Insurance has some helpful information when it comes to managing all this snow and unpredictable weather we’re getting.   You will find many helpful tips to protect your home. Here are a few tips to protect yourself when removing the white stuff from your driveway and side walks: Stretch as if you’re going for a run.  All […]

    February 11, 2013

  • Welcome to 2013!

    Christmas is over and winter is in full swing….. The New Year has arrived and we’re on our way into 2013! Here are a few things to think about, and possibly make changes, when it comes to your insurance coverages: Did you get engaged over the holidays?  Make sure that your new prized possession – […]

    January 8, 2013

  • Alan Potter Retires at the End of 2012 from Erie & Niagara Insurance

    It’s good marketing reps like Alan Potter from Erie & Niagara Insurance Association that makes for a successful agent / company relationship.  Alan has been our marketing rep for……. oh, the past 20-something years, all with Erie and Niagara Insurance.  Unfortunately for us, but HUGE for Alan, he will be retiring at the end of […]

    November 28, 2012