• Start! A New Healthy Habit

    Step awaaaayy from the keyboard, put the cell phone down, we’re not done yet.  Even after the successful America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk, we decided to walk some more.  Join us at City Hall for a 1 mile walk (it really won’t kill you) to get you started on a healthier life.   This Wednesday, […]

    March 30, 2012

  • Choosing an Independent Agent May Be Right For You

    They have the right idea… Chubb has created a video: The Real Deal About Independent Agents, stating the obvious when the time comes to decide on insurance for your home or auto or boat, etc.    You could choose to do your business on-line, or even call that 800 number, and that works out fine for some people.  […]

    March 20, 2012

  • Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc. Celebrates 20 Years in Business

    20 years is a LONG time for anything…….a business, a marriage, even friendships.  In a way Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc. is celebrating all three.  The business partnership that Gary and Steve share is like a marriage, where there are agreements, disagreements and compromises.  It’s definitely a friendship.   Since March, 1992, Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, […]

    March 8, 2012

  • Get out and Walk, It’s Good for your Heart!

    America’s Greatest Heart Run & Walk is Saturday, March 3rd, at Utica College, so come on out and walk (or run) with us!   Almost everyone knows someone affected by heart disease or stroke.  But, not everyone knows the best way to fight heart disease or stroke.    Go to to learn what you can do to […]

    March 2, 2012

  • Is it Water Back-Up or Flood?

    Everyone has noticed how much rain we’re getting this year, right?  (it’s supposed to be winter!)   Don’t you wonder where all the water is going?   Coverage for water back-up of sewer and drains is included on most homeowner’s policies, but many are limited to $5,000. If you have rental properties, you may want […]

    February 24, 2012

  • Oneida County Historical Society Telethon ~ April 18th

    Check this out – Gary Scalzo and Steve Zogby have been named honorary co-chairmen for the 6th Annual telethon for the Oneida County Historical Society to be held on April 18th this year.  Big surprise?  Not really!  These two gentlemen are always stepping up to the plate when asked to lend a helping hand.  If you […]

    February 17, 2012

  • Walk A Mile…

    A new annual event for the Utica area is being launched this Saturday, Feb 4th at 11:00 a.m. at Hanna Park in Downtown Utica.  The event is to be a one mile winter walk to help raise awareness and funds for the Rescue Mission of Utica, a local not-for-profit organization which caters to the area’s homeless, as […]

    February 2, 2012

  • Change is Good. Right?

    In our case it is.  We just went live with a new phone system and we all have new extension numbers.  Please check out our About Us tab and choose The Team option; you will see our new 4 digit extensions.   You still call us at (315) 792-0000, but instead of 2 numbers the ‘voice […]

    January 17, 2012

  • Your Roof and Snow Loading

    How much snow is too much for my roof?   When do I need to make plans to have it removed?   If you’re asking yourself these questions now, you’re behind the curve already.   To help you catch up, one of our insurance companies, Peerless Insurance® has developed a new 6-Minute Safety Short on Roof Snow Loading […]

    January 5, 2012

  • Happy New Year!

        Isn’t that what everyone says once the clock strikes 12 midnight on December 31st?  Oh wait, that’s considered January 1st, isn’t it? Either way, that’s what we at Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, Inc. are saying to all our family and friends, customers and acquaintances.  We want to wish everyone a happy, healthy and […]

    December 30, 2011