Attention New Businesses: Mandatory NYS Employee Benefits Explained

October 21, 2019

nys employee benefitsIf you are starting a new business in the Utica area and will have employees, there are New York State mandated coverages that you must have. The employee benefits coverages required include Workers Compensation Insurance (WC), Disability Benefits (DBL), and Paid Family Leave (PFL).

And it’s not just for regular full time employees. Day labor, leased employees, borrowed employees, part-time employees, unpaid volunteers (including family members) and most subcontractors.

You might wonder, subcontractors are employees? Not always, but Workers Comp laws are tricky. If you’re not sure, call us. We can help you determine whether you might be responsible under the Workers Comp laws for a subcontractor you hire to perform work for you.

What are Workers Compensation, NYS Disability Benefits, and Paid Family Leave?

We thought it would make it easier before you call us for these mandatory New York State employee benefits coverages to read brief descriptions of each below.

Workers Compensation

Insurance for on-the-job injuries. Workers Compensation pays medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to employees injured during the course of their job. Benefits are paid regardless of fault, though there are limitations in the case of injuries resulting from an employee’s intoxication from drugs or alcohol or intent to injure themselves.

Premiums are paid by the employer with no employee contributions. Rates are determined by the nature of the job. For example, the rates for welders would be higher than those for office workers. The rates are set by the Insurance Service Office. However, insurance companies can deviate from these rates. So depending on your business, we may be able to save you money by shopping your Workers Comp with our commercial lines carriers.

New York State Disability Benefits (DBL)

Insurance for loss of wages due to an off the job injury or disability. DBL pays a maximum of 26 weeks of disability during 52 consecutive weeks with a wait period of 7 days. It does not pay medical benefits. Employers can require contributions to the DBL premium from their employees.

Paid Family Leave (PFL)

A relatively new required coverage signed into law in 2016. Employers can have their employees contribute all or some of the premiums. PFL coverage helps when a family member needs care because of a health problem. Or a family welcomes a new child.

It pays for:

  • Employees to bond with a newly born, adopted, or fostered child.
  • Care for a family member with a serious health condition.
  • Assisting loved ones when a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent is deployed abroad on active military service.

The PFL coverage is usually provided by the DBL carrier as an additional coverage.

Here at Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig, we have been helping businesses manage their risk for over 30 years. This includes Workers Compensation, New York State DBL and Paid Family Leave.

Plus Commercial Property, Liability, Umbrella, and Auto insurance. Our clients rely on us to protect their businesses with quality insurance and advice.

So give us a call and we’ll talk about your business. And since we’re independent agents, we’ll shop our 22 insurance carriers to get you the right protection at the best price. And all of your coverages can be conveniently in one place. Call us today!

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