My Speedometer Must Be Broken

speeding excusesWhat are the excuses the New York State Police hear every day from speeders? We ran across a brochure that would be pretty funny if its underlying message wasn’t so serious. It listed many of the typical excuses we all give after having been stopped for speeding.

Here are some given to NYS Troopers that may sound a bit too familiar:

  • I was going downhill.
  • I have to go to the bathroom REAL bad.
  • I’m late for driver education class.
  • I’m late for traffic court.
  • My alarm clock didn’t go off and I’m late for work.
  • I need to get home before the pizza arrives.
  • The service engine light just went on and I have to get to a gas station.
  • I’m feeling sick and I need to get home to throw up.
  • I didn’t want to break down in this neighborhood so I was driving a little faster than normal.
  • My girlfriend’s father will kill me if I bring her home late.
  • I forgot about a date and my girlfriend is going to leave me.
  • I don’t feel very well.
  • The game starts in a few minutes.

There were 28,571 speed related crashes in New York State in 2014 involving 44,315 vehicles. Of those 280 were fatal crashes with 311 people killed. 203 of those killed were the speeding drivers.

We have spoken about speeding in previous posts, but we’re reminding you again because it’s so easily preventable. And expensive in so many ways. Not only in grief with personal injuries and death, but in damage to cars, homes, and other property.

Plus, speeding uses more gas. According to the Troopers, passenger cars and light trucks consume about 50% more fuel traveling at 75 mph than they do at 55 mph. Speeding tickets also affect your auto insurance rates. That’s especially true for tickets over 10 mph over the limit.

New York State DMV charges points against your license with a speeding ticket.

3 points with speed from 1-10 over
11-20 it’s 4 points.
21-30 it’s 6 points.
31-40 it’s 8 points.
over 40 is 11 points on your driver’s license.

Eleven points in 18 months is grounds for license suspension.

Also, fines double for speeding in a construction zone with two convictions for speeding in a work zone in 18 months is automatic suspension of your driver’s license.

So take it easy on our roads here in Central New York. We are blessed with very little traffic compared to other parts of the country, so you’ll get there on time if you follow the speed limit.

Here’s to safe, prudent driving in the Mohawk Valley.

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