Labor Day, the Mohawk Valley’s Last Party in the Sun

Saying goodbye to what’s turned out to be a very short summer won’t be easy this year. So we expect some good times at family get-togethers this Labor Day. We especially want to help you keep it safe and memorable for the right reasons.

Here are some tips to think about as you prepare for our last summer fling.

Beer and Cocktails
We don’t mind a cold Utica Club in the summer time, as long as it doesn’t go with driving home. So, we remind our friends and customers in the greater Utica area that Uber is here and ready to take you to the picnic and bring you home. Make use of this service so you can enjoy maybe more than one delicious, freezing cold UC.

It is now legal to buy fireworks here in Central New York, at least at certain times. But did you know an average 18,500 fires per year are started by fireworks. And just a sparkler burning at 1,200 degrees is hot enough to melt glass, burn wood, or boil water.

In 2015, emergency rooms in the U. S. treated around 11,900 people for fireworks injuries. Just ask Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive end for the NY Giants, what it’s like to have a backyard bomb explode in your hand! (He mangled it badly and permanently.)

It is so easy for flaming fireworks to get out of control. Here at SZW Insurance we don’t recommend you use them at all.

(Statistics about fireworks from the National Fire Protection Association)

Lighting up the back yard creates a beautiful atmosphere for your Labor Day picnic. We suggest you use sturdy candle holders that don’t easily tip over. In fact, you can get battery-operated, flameless candles that look terrific. Even solar powered tiki torches. They give your yard the soft glow of real candles but absolutely none of the danger.

Fire Pit
We’ve posted about backyard fire pits before. Here you want to make sure your fire is at least 10, preferably 25 feet, away from any building or structure. Also start you fire with starter sticks or bars, not gasoline! You can easily buy these at your grocery store. (They also work beautifully for your cozy fireplace in the winter.)

Don’t put paper or garbage in the fire because they throw of embers that can inflame your neighbor’s house or garage. And when you’re done for the night, extinguish the pit with lots of water.

Inviting family and friends over on Labor Day Weekend is a great way to celebrate the end of summer and usher in the new fall season. In fact, based on all the rain we’ve had this summer, it may just be the first day of a beautiful September!

We ask that you have fun, enjoy, and be safe. And know that if anything does go wrong, whether it’s fire or liability, we’re here to help.

Have a Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Until next time,
Your SZW Team

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