Money Saving Discounts on Motorcycle & Boat Insurance

motorcycle insuranceWhat a snowy, cold winter! We hope all of our skiing and snowmobiling friends enjoyed it. But it’s warmer now and we’ll bet many of you are thinking about getting that cycle on the road or boat in the water.

We thought this would be a great time to list for you the money saving credits and discounts available to you on both insurance policies. Not all of our insurance companies offer all of these money saving discounts, so call us to be sure you’re getting the savings you deserve.

Motorcycle Insurance Credits and Discounts

Multi-Policy Discount
If we have another insurance policy in the same company as your motorcycle, for example your auto or home, you get a discounted premium.

Having Insurance Continuously
If you’ve had motorcycle insurance for at least 6 months without canceling coverage, you may get a credit.

Owning Your Home
Yes, there are cycle insurance discounts if you own your home. That’s even if it’s insured in another company than the one insuring your motorcycle.

Motorcycles are prime targets for theft. That’s why you get discounts if your bike has an alarm, vehicle recovery system, vehicle identification number window etching, or a disabling device.

More Than One Bike Per Policy
It’s better to insure all of your cycles on one policy so you get the multi-bike discount.

Safe Drive Discount
If your driving record has no convictions or accidents, you may get a discount.

Motorcycle Rider Course
Take the approved New York State Motorcycle Safety Program course for discounts.

Your Experience Counts
One or more years of experience can get you a credit.

Motorcycle Organizations
Belonging to an accepted motorcycle association can generate a credit.

Check out our Motorcycle insurance page here for more on the coverages available to you for bodily injury and property damage lawsuits and physical damage on your cycle.

Boat Insurance Credits and Discounts

boat insuranceAs with motorcycle insurance, Multi-Policy, Prior Insurance, Homeownership, Multi-Unit, Loss Free, Association Membership, and conviction and accident free drivers are all subject to boat insurance discounts.

New Boat Discount
Current model year boats get a discount.

Coast Guard Certification/Safety Course
Take an approved course and get credit.

Mature Boater
Middle aged and older boaters are safer, so if you’re age 50 or older, you get a discount.

On Board Equipment Discount
If you have one or more of the following: VHF Ship-to-Shore, Marine Compass, Depth Finder, and/or Vaper-Detection System you may get discounts.

Hybrid/Electric Boat
Green discounts are available here.

Click here and here for more on boat insurance and the coverages available to you from protection for your liability risks to insuring the boat itself.

And from all of us here at SZW…Happy Summer!!

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