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motorcycle courses utica nyThe New York State DMV states it best when it says, “…motorcycling requires skill, concentration and reasonable precautions. Although it is possible to ride a motorcycle on your own, trial and error is a tough teacher of motorcycling skills.” (Bold is ours.)

We couldn’t agree more! There is so little protection for riders that one false move can end up a tragedy. So the DMV recommends the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program (NYSMSP). And luckily, that program is offered right here in Utica at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Here’s a summary of the courses offered in the NYS Motorcycle Safety Program:

Basic RiderCourse
The courses start with the Basic Rider Course for beginners. You get five hours of classroom instruction. You’ll learn about the different types of motorcycles and the layout and operation of their controls. The focus is on safety and responsibility. There’s a review of the kinds of safety gear worn for protection and comfort. You’ll also go over how alcohol and drugs impair safe riding.

Then it’s ten hours of riding exercises off-street. This is in one of the MV parking lots. Motorcycles and helmets are provided free. Your RiderCoach will teach straight-line riding, stopping, shifting, and turning. Gradually, you’ll progress to swerving and emergency braking. There’s much more, so check out the full curriculum here.

Basic RiderCourse2
Then there is the Basic RiderCourse 2. This is a half day where you use your own motorcycle and helmet. Here you can hone your skills. This course also may qualify you for a discount on your motorcycle insurance. You’ll talk with fellow riders about balancing the mental and physical elements of safe riding, managing risk, increasing visibility, and optimizing your lane position. And using your own cycle you’ll practice traction management, quick stopping, cornering, and swerving.

Bike Bonding RiderCourse
The emphasis here is on the connection and interaction of the rider and cycle. The Basic Course is great for new riders. It’s a partial day, low risk development event that helps riders develop their skills manipulating primary motorcycle controls and practicing riding procedures and techniques.

The Ultimate Course is also part of a day and designed for experienced riders with basic skills. It’s also a low risk, enjoyable training that develops rider skills and competencies. The key in both courses is to work on the connection and interaction of the rider and cycle. Good bike bonding helps riders automate their physical skills so they can turn their attention to the important road and traffic conditions.

Advanced RiderCourse
This is the public version of the Military SportBike RiderCourse. It’s one day of around 3 ½ hours of classroom study and 4 ½ hours of riding. This is for all bike enthusiasts on any type of cycle. That’s because the techniques used in the more “performance oriented” sport bike riding can be used to strengthen the skills and techniques for riders of all kinds of bikes. The aim of the ARC is to develop the rider’s skills in risk management, decision-making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices.

Lots more info is available on the NYSMSP website. And then check MVCC here to find out which of the above courses are offered. The website lists the two Basic RiderCourses listed above.

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Safe cycling 2017!

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