Are You Getting the Homeowners Insurance Discounts You Deserve?

homeowners insurance discountsDo you know if you’re getting all the homeowners insurance discounts available? To help you get the best pricing possible, take a look at the following list of credits and discounts.

These are not available with every insurance company we represent, but if you think you qualify, give us a call and we’ll review your policy.

Age of Home Discount Up to 42%
Brand new homes get the deepest discount, but it doesn’t have to be new to qualify. Discount depends on age.

Package Policy Discount Up to 35%
Get a discount if you place your home and auto insurance with the same company. Get more if you add in the personal umbrella.

Non-Smoker Discount
Get this if no one living in your household smokes.

Home Buyer Discount Up to 7.5%
If you’ve purchased your home less than 12 months ago, you may qualify.

Green Credit
Do you have a high efficiency furnace? Call us to see if your company offers this credit.

Renovation Credit Up to 7.5%
If your house is older and you’ve replaced your roof, heating source, or both, you can get a discount.

Flexible Stainless Steel Hoses
You can see why this would apply as stainless steel doesn’t wear like rubber. You must have stainless steel hoses in all of your appliances.

Claim Free Discount Up to 2.5%
Some companies discount your policy if you’ve been claim free for a certain number of years.

No Other Structure On the Premises
Some companies give you additional coverage to your dwelling at no cost to you if there are no outbuildings.

Retirement Discount Up to 5%
Requirements differ with each company but if everyone in the house is over 55 years old, one of you is retired, and you are at your residence 10 months of the year, you may qualify.

Volunteer Firefighter
Your community service is rewarded with this discount if you’re a volunteer firefighter and you’ve completed the fire training course.

Smoke Detectors and Alarm System Discounts Up to 16%
Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are the basic fire protection we recommend to all our customers. You get credits for each. You get even more if you’ve installed an automatic sprinkler system.

If you have installed certain systems monitored off premises, you get even greater discounts. These include fire and burglar alarms, temperature alert systems, remote monitoring systems, and water alarms.

Not all of our companies’ offer each of these credits, but give us a call to be sure you’re getting every discount you deserve. If we don’t carry your homeowners insurance now, that’s okay. Call us and we’ll offer you a second opinion. Plus we’ll have all of our companies compete for your business so you get the best pricing for your unique home.

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