Volunteer! It’s good for you.

It’s what they do.  Other than insurance, I mean.  Gary Scalzo & Steve Zogby are involved in the community so much it’s usually a surprise when they’re not on a Board of Directors or committee for a not-for-profit or other organization.  Volunteering.  That is what Gary was talking about when he was invited as guest speaker to talk about the importance of giving back to the community at the Herkimer ARC Volunteer of the Year Luncheon .  “Why volunteer?” Gary asked.  “Simple, our help is needed.  If you had a friend or neighbor who needed a helping hand, wouldn’t you step up and say yes?  Volunteering is no different.”

When we volunteer, we help our community, and we feel good about ourselves…and what’s wrong with that? 

Patty Terenzetti                                                                      

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